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already such generosity!

thank you sarah, isabel and doscher

absolutely no turning back now, and the doc says i can get on the spinning bike this weekend.




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personal fundraising site

This link will take you to my Pan-Mass Challenge Profile. This is my personal fundraising website. Join me in reaching this year’s goal. Last year’s $35 million gift to the Jimmy Fund of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute represented 100% of all donations.


thank you all that have already responded. it has helped me get off the couch and get moving.

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no turning back

192 miles 

it has been a bit over a year since my dad so bravely died from leukemia. it has been a bit under a year since i was diagnosed with cancer. and it has been just a week since my last and final surgery.

but today i committed to raise $4200 and ride 192 miles in 2 days with 4000 others in august. i am participating in the pan mass challenge! 

this i know i can not do alone.


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today is a day filled with hope for all of america.

hope-1: to cherish a desire with anticipation 2: to desire with expectation of obtainment 3:to expect with confidence 

hope is what all the people of Dana Farber, from doctors to the volunteers, exude. it is a place of hope, dedication, and supreme kindness.  for the next 6 months i will be dedicating my time to train and fundraise in hopes to somehow express my thankfulness to all at Dana Farber that have touched my father, my family and me.  

this blog is to keep me committed and you updated with the miles rode and the dollars raised.

my daughter has been the first to sponsor me with $300!

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