no turning back

192 miles 

it has been a bit over a year since my dad so bravely died from leukemia. it has been a bit under a year since i was diagnosed with cancer. and it has been just a week since my last and final surgery.

but today i committed to raise $4200 and ride 192 miles in 2 days with 4000 others in august. i am participating in the pan mass challenge! 

this i know i can not do alone.



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2 responses to “no turning back

  1. Melinda Eaton

    You know that I will be there for you, every step of the way (well, not actually every step, I’ll cheer on the sidelines) and will pledge my help in whatever way I can.

    I love you,

    your sister, Melinda

  2. As Donna and I also lost our amazing Dad’s to luekemia too – we will be supporters of you and your cause – we wish you Health and Happiness!
    James + Donna

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