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pace is the word that is playing over and over in my head. 

with recovery as with training pace plays an important roll. 

this song has the certain cadence that i seem to be moving at.  not only has this song kept my pace on my daily walks, the sentiment also has kept me moving. it is a bit slow for training on the bike though it seems to be just right for now. started on my old spinning stationary bike and have managed a few 30 minute and a 45 minute rides. its a start.

it is all about pace i keep telling myself. if i do too much (the healing standard too much, not the old well self standard) i pay for it the next day or two, how humbling. i keep lowering my standards and raising the acceptance level.  

so i must pace myself (shouldn’t we all)since i am in for the long life.

thanks anonymous, jim, jan, beth, ms. s, my mom, richard & jill. $2800!


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