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it’s now


as i patiently anticipate the weekend i have been preparing for, i am savoring the immense grace that has been so beautifully placed in my hands and heart.

graces both as tender as the brush of summer fog rolling in and others hit so hard i search for breath.

as i began to log these fortunate gifts i realized there are too many and some  too personal to write. though, most of all, i can not possibly do any of them justice.

so, let me just say thanks to all… dear doscher, sweet peter, my dad, my mom, my sister and family, sarah w., isabel, jan, vicky&tom, richard&jill, jim n., jacquie, beth m., beth k., carol, margaret, shannon, sarah b., peg, peggy, karen, rob, david, mr&mrs e, maryanne, pierre, joanne, suzanne, susan, linda, mr&mrs mcg, deidre, julie, brendon, robyn&randy, lons&jane, myra, zifrie, jim b, kane&frances, jahn, alan&cindy, david, saltonstall arch, jane, chase canopy, cathy, micheal&sarah, constance, j udi&paul, bette&ed, ellen, amy, peggy, matt, dr pitts, dr cronin, dr wagner, dr richer, dr patterson


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this picture pretty much says it all.  this is why i am still focused on raising money and training for the Pan Mass Challenge.

the building in this picture is a new addition to Dana Farber.  the names on the girders are of those who are patients of Dana Farber.  children and adults hang sheets of paper with their names written on it for the iron workers to see.  the iron workers then spray paint the names on the beams to be forever part of Dana Farber.DF

my fundraising is up to $7580!

thanks to Sarah and Mike, my dear friend Cathy, neighbors of my parents Bette and Ed, a parent of a friend of my daughter, Julie, the Lonsdales, and an old dear friend Beth whose mother i will also be riding for.

maybe $8000 is possible?

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