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oh, happy day!

Forgive me if I bore you, if this is old news, so over and forgotten. With each day, fortunately, I forget more and more. For the most part it is a luxury to forget although forgetting causes a casual indifference to living.

Though days like today I remember.  I am 2 years cancer free.

It is a sobering day filled with an assortment of emotions from the desire to yell out the window to wanting to whisper it like a secret to a stranger to falling to my knees in pure shock or to raising my face in thankfulness of why me. Not the “why me?” of why did I have cancer but the “why me?” of why have I survived it?

I am one of the lucky ones.

So on this day I have committed to raise $4200 and ride 190 miles to do my little part in helping out all those who are not as lucky as me.

This August I will for the 2nd time ride in the Pan Mass Challenge for the Dana Farber Cancer Institute.


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