power of one part one

the power of one is a concept that has been ruminating in my head ever since being one of many to attend the memorial service for Bill Spark.

hundreds of people touched by one man.

spark was a humble, kind, happy soul who so effortlessly performed magic in many lives as a teacher, mentor, family member and friend. his genuine concern for others and his steadfastness in being a caring individual was just who he was.

so it is no surprise that when Spark was dealing with his own cancer and future he was open to trying a new treatment regiment that would hopefully not only help him but aid in finding better ways to treat and cure cancer.

during a visit with him in the hospital we shared cancer stories, treatment horrors and how our families and friends were managing. though, Spark being Spark, kept coming back to the significance of our experience and how could we help others from having to face the same. it was a tender comfort to have such a frank conversation. i was struck by his enormous optimism. he was braver, happier and more honest than i could be on my best day.

Spark was the power of one without consciously trying to be.

just by the show of all those who gathered at Ned’s Point that sunny clear day in october was evidence of his gift.

witnessing such an event brought up many questions for me. from the totally self centered ones of, what have i done to help others? how many people would show up if that were i? or, would anyone have anything to say?

then to, how he did what he did? how did he face each day with a smile for others and himself?

and then finally the relevant ones, how does one person have so much impact? how can one put others first so effortlessly? what is it i can do to have the butterfly effect or the power of one?

thus, here i begin my own little attempt at being the power of one, to pay tribute to Spark who has left me wanting to be more, to my father who always believed i could be more, and to my Uncle Stan who was just more!

there is not a day that goes by that i don’t question why cancer chose any of them and not me.

please help me make a difference, donate to my Pan Mass Challenge site – over there on the right side under links

ps stayed tuned for power of one part II, the Pink Ladies Pailolo Challenge.

for your listening pleasure


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