simple, it’s very simple.

i do not want any of you to have to tell a family member, a friend, a stranger that you have cancer.

that is why i continue to write this blog, send it out and ask for money.

having to deal with cancer is one thing but having to tell those you love is a completely  different being.

i can ride to honor the dead though really as i continue to understand what cancer does to a person i ride to honor and protect all of those who have done that for me.

thank you Jane, Mom, Matt, Jim, Vicky, Louise, Kristina for already help me toward my goal!



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3 responses to “simple

  1. Heather-That was so AWESOME!!!!! Great music and great movie. I feel like I just experienced it and now I won’t have to excercise today. The music added an intense dimension to it and that just added more to your final message.
    You are welcome.

  2. I ADORE seeing that picture of you and your dad. It never gets old and continues to say so much. You have accomplished so much.

  3. Carol McCauley

    Great to see you biking again……!!!
    Miss you here on Maui paddling with us….
    Never forget that you are our inspiration…our hero……..
    Sending much love and warm aloha, my “pink sister”…………..XXOO

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