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undercover superhero

four months gone by, i live now in chunks of months.

today i walk thru the Dana Farber doors once more for my exams/scans/images, what ever you want to label them. they are looking for cancer or signs of cancer or tiny spots, dark spots, abnormal spots… really all i am looking for is nothing, nothing at all, spot free, lump free, free and clear, cancer free.

i want to believe nothing is there and from the way my body has been feeling i believe that nothing is there but, but, but in that dark place in the way, way back of my mind the what if is waging it’s tail, jumping up and down frantically trying to get me to go down that path.

so you know what i do, my secret weapon, i picture my daughter and all the love that she is. she is my covert protection, my rabbit’s foot, my lucky penny. she is an undercover superhero.

now that she has it covered, i must get on the bike before i have to get in the tube shaped magnet.

thank you sweet Doscher, dear Melinda, Bonnie, Jim, Captain and Mrs. Lonsdale, and Peter P Briggs Insurance for your donations, helping past the $2000 mark.



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