i have taken to rising early these hot mornings and getting my ride in before it gets roasting. some mornings i treat myself to coffee, a muffin, free internet and some quiet time at the local café, Uncle Jon’s before i head out to ride. caffeine is a cyclist (did i just call myself a cyclist?) best friend.

anyway, this morning one of the regulars came up to me and asked me if i was Peter Briggs’s daughter. a jolt of sweetness and comfort came over me with just the mention of his name. he spoke kindly about my dad, mentioning my dad sent him much work over the years. he owns an auto body shop and my father owned an insurance agency. what a beautiful way to start the day. seeing the sweetness and respect in this man’s eye flooded me with pride and solace.

that glint reinforced my reasoning behind why I am riding, not just riding in the Pan Mass Challenge but also all the training up to it.

one of the joys of all the hours of training is having the time to think about my dad. my ride today was rush of renewed energy and memories of my dear dad.

i miss my dad. i miss how he loved me and loved my daughter. he was my champion and would have been my most boisterous supporter for my ride. he would have told everyone he knew and also, those he didn’t. again, i miss my dad.

thank you all for being my champions, you have helped me reach my goal and more.

thank you, Brendon, Saltonstall Architects, Frances&Kane, Carol, Bob, Mr&Mrs McGowan, Isabel, Greg, Judy&Paul, Amy, Jahn&Renee, Mr&Mrs Eaton

ALSO check out my story on the Pan Mass Challenge Blog site!


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