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start to finish

This huge sign and these happy people met me at the first water stop.

A beautiful way to start the weekend.

Here is another support group waiting for me around the 95th mile.

They are my life support.

Thankfully, Jane and Peter rode with me the last 20 or so miles, more of my life support.

My Dana Farber doctor, Andrew Wagner, at the finish of day one at Mass Maritime.

I rode a few miles with him making my day. He is certainly one of my life supports.

Here is an old friend and a new friend both from Mattapoisett soaking in the family finish at Provincetown.

They finished way before me!

Someone told me the weekend of the Pan Mass was their favorite weekend of the entire year. I can see why, the sense of all those involved, whether rider, volunteer, supporter or cheerer, being the best human they can be sustains ones belief and ones heart for quite sometime. thank you all


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a week ago

So much for the updates during the Pan Mass weekend…it’s a week later and I still am having a hard time trying to sum up my weekend in a single blog entry. I am assimilating slowly, recovering sluggishly (having Lyme doesn’t help) and writing at a snails pace.

Here is a visual opening; maybe the look on my face explains the magnitude of the start. It all just intensified from there.

More pictures, more musings and more thank you’s to come.


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i love my bike

and right now i love my life.

in the hotel with a full tummy, full heart and enough inspiration and anticipation to make it difficult to fall asleep before the 400 am alarm.

thanks to peter for taking the loving lovely picture of my bike

and thanks to the woman who recognized me enough to tell me she reads my blog, wow.

let the tears begin…


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4 more days

$5370 raised, 33 sponsors, 55 letters sent out, 22 blog entries, over 900 miles ridden already, 216 flat hot & windy miles in western NY, 93 muggy miles the next week and 0 miles last week. 4 days left to train, all numbers, just numbers. Some significant numbers some not so much.

I peddle with out much else than numbers to keep my going; miles to go, miles per hour, heart rate, tire pressure, peddle rate, SPF and so on.

The significance of my daily training numbers are somewhat meaningless except for assessing my level of comfort in facing 190 miles in 2 days with over 5000 riders and 3000 volunteers all together to raise 30 million dollars all of which goes to fighting cancer.

$30,000,000, now that is a number of true meaning.

thank you to my latest sponsors, Teddy, Leslie, Zifrie, Carol, Linda, Deirdre, Nancy, Cathy&Jack, Sarah&Scott, Maryanne and Kate


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