i love my bike

and right now i love my life.

in the hotel with a full tummy, full heart and enough inspiration and anticipation to make it difficult to fall asleep before the 400 am alarm.

thanks to peter for taking the loving lovely picture of my bike

and thanks to the woman who recognized me enough to tell me she reads my blog, wow.

let the tears begin…



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4 responses to “i love my bike

  1. Louise

    Hey there awesome bike rider, you are doing this for so many loved ones that can’t. Our lives change in a flash, something you learned much too young as I did in another way. It made us fighters and it’s a gift. Enjoy the ride, that’s what we are here for.

  2. kane & frances

    Best of luck to you out there this weekend! Have a great ride! L/k&f

  3. vicky keiser

    having just run into you looking so beautiful, radiant, happy out to dinner with Doscher and Peter…I am so glad you had a successful ride and that you met your goal again…now a well deserved time of coasting through the rest of summer and into fall

  4. Anonymous

    lean forward, stay centered!!… push! push!!… now just add a little more power!!… go!! go!!… push yourself!!… you can do it!! nice job!!!… You’re the best!!… That’s it pretty girl!!… We’re almost there!! … focus!! focus!! …push!! push!!

    wheee!!! look ahead, don’t mind the others, feel the wind in your hair!!! go girl!! paddle hard!! (whoops) Peddle hard!!!
    …. when the going gets tough, prentend you’re in a canoe!!

    Love ya, tam

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