a week ago

So much for the updates during the Pan Mass weekend…it’s a week later and I still am having a hard time trying to sum up my weekend in a single blog entry. I am assimilating slowly, recovering sluggishly (having Lyme doesn’t help) and writing at a snails pace.

Here is a visual opening; maybe the look on my face explains the magnitude of the start. It all just intensified from there.

More pictures, more musings and more thank you’s to come.



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3 responses to “a week ago

  1. Melinda Eaton

    Awesome! I love the smile

  2. tammy o

    CHICKEN SKIN!!!! I found myself holding my breath in anticipation!!…. the start of the race, the beginning of a journey!! aaaahhhhhh……..
    Peter is awesome too! capturing the moment and being your second greatest fan– next to me ; )
    Lots of love and Aloha,

  3. Jim

    Great video…I’ve found myself looking through PMC blogs to try to re-coop a bit of that awesome weekend. This clip captures the moment beautifully…I was somewhere in that crowd, near you, about 20 feet from the DD truck, looking as you did; excited, scared, and a bit cold. Thanks for riding and see you next year by the DD truck !

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