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Happy Father’s Day

while searching for new words i found this older post…i miss my dad. i miss how he loved me and my daughter. he was my champion and cheerleader and would have been my most boisterous supporter for my ride. he would have told everyone he knew and those he didn’t.

i miss my dad.

and i added this…and my dad loved my daughter’s dad.i miss them both.         GO CELEBRATE YOUR DAD!

and thank you to more of you that have so generously given to my cause, Vicky, Eunie & Everett, Betsy & Ted, Micheal and Andrew.

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sucking wind

i love my bike, i love my dad and i love my life

thanks renee, sarah, brendan, shannon, emily, tyler and steve for helping me reach $1875

here’s how to donate link to donate on line


send a check made out to PMC to Hobler PO Box 5 Mattapoisett MA 02739

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